4D / 4N - 14 dives
5D / 5N - 18 dives

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We offer 5 Dives/Day if you like:
15L Tank available to rent on board!!!
Le Mahe Liveaboard Similan Island, Phuket Thailand  
AdvanceOpenWater Course
2 Days Discovering the wonder of Phi Phi Islands. Diving or Snokeling & Enjoy the Islands.

1 Day   2 dives
The course starts with the learning of some simple theoretical notions and simple exercises in a protected environment. Then, you will be ready to dive supervised by your instructor.
3/4 Days   4 dives
In three / four days according to your rhythm, you follow an effective and play program which will teach you the diving theory and 18 basic exercises which will allow you to feel comfortable in the aquatic environment and to anticipate material breakdowns. The course take place in three sessions: practice of exercises in swimming pool theory in classroom, evolution in natural environment. In the term of these three or four days, you will be a fully qualified Open Water Diver. You can then dive in autonomous to the depht of 18 meters and supervised by a professionnal beyond.Referral
2 Days    4 Dives
2 Days   5 dives
Continue your diving education and improve your diving skills, learn deep and underwater navigation plus 3 options for speciality dives from your choice.
4-6 hours   classroom
 *** Mandatory before starting a Rescue Course
First-aid Responder certification, which covers emergency care for most life-threatening situations, as well as serious bleeding, shock management and spinal injury management. Also you'll learn how to use splints, bandages, how to provide injury and illmess assessments
3 days      5 dives
The Rescue Diver course prepare you to anticipate and to avoid problems, as well as to react during diving accident. You will learn to recognize the stress at the divers, to react and to manage an emergency or a diving accident. An excellent training to turn its attention to the other divers and acquire a supplementary autonomy.
24 days/2 liveaboards      34 dives
The divemaster is the first level of the professional PADI field. We offer an internship with the opportunity to enter into the reality of the daily work of a dive center. Alternating the modules of the course on land and aboard the MV Mahé, you follow your training respecting a speficic program. We help you upstream to your training purchase your pedagogic material, we offer you assistance in the editing of your CV and the development of your career.
We have no established schedule in advance to begin the course of divemaster. You just have to get in touch with us by e-mail or to pop up at our dive center to organize a program over 3 weeks.
We offer you a session of 3 weeks including two cruises on our boat MV Mahé. You will be considered at your arrival in the dive center as our divemasters, and we ask you to assist us the daily tasks of the center.
We supply you the complete equipment (BCD, regulator, BCD, mask, snorkel, fins) during your training, we just ask you to arm yourself with your own compass and knife (mandatory material during the program). If you wish to acquire your personal equipment, we offer you advice and discount, do not hesitate to ask us.
for the certification, it will be necessary to you to fill a PADI Divemaster form, and to settle with PADI Asia Pacific, your Divemaster's application fee which amounts to $AUD132. If you possess your manual before starting your training, we recommend you to complete 9 knowledge reviews, as well as you will spare time on your program. Also we required that you have 26 logged dives prior to start the course.

Le Mahe Liveaboards
Highly recommends comprehensive travel /
Diving insurance prior to your departure.
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