4 Days / 4 Nights - 14 dives
5 Days / 5 Nights - 18 dives






November 2013
LM 1 01-11-2013 05-11-2013 4D/4N Similan/Richelieu Rock
LM 2 08-11-2013 12-11-2013 4D/4N Similan/Richelieu Rock
LM 3 15-11-2013 19-11-2013 4D/4N Similan/Richelieu Rock
LM 4 22-11-2013 26-11-2013 4D/4N Similan/Richelieu Rock
LM 5 29-11-2013 03-12-2013 4D/4N Similan/Richelieu Rock
December 2013
LM 6 05-12-2013 10-12-2013 5D/5N Similan/Richelieu Rock
LM 7 12-12-2013 17-12-2013 5D/5N Similan/Richelieu Rock
LM 8 19-12-2013 26-12-2013 7D/7N Hin Daeng/Phi Phi/Similan/Richelieu
LM 9 28-12-2013 04-01-2014 7D/7N Hin Daeng/Phi Phi/Similan/ Richelieu
January 2014
LM 10 06-01-2014 10-01-2014 4D/4N Similan/Richelieu Rock
LM 11 13-01-2014 17-01-2014 4D/4N Similan/Richelieu Rock
LM 12 20-01-2014 24-01-2014 4D/4N Similan/Richelieu Rock
LM 133 27-01-2014 31-01-2014 4D/4N Similan/Richelieu Rock
February 2014
LM 14 02-02-2014 09-02-2014 7D/7N Hin Daeng/Phi Phi/Similan/Richelieu
LM 15 11-02-2014 15-02-2014 4D/4N Similan/Richelieu Rock
LM 16 17-02-2014 22-02-2014 5D/5N Similan/Richelieu Rock
LM 17 24-02-2014 01-03-2014 5D/5N Similan/Richelieu Rock
March 2014
LM 18 03-03-2014 07-03-2014 4D/4N Similan/Richelieu Rock
LM 19 10-03-2014 14-03-2014 4D/4N Similan/Richelieu Rock
LM 20 17-03-2014 21-03-2014 4D/4N Similan/Richelieu Rock
LM 21 24-03-2014 28-04-2014 4D/4N Similan/Richelieu Rock
April 2014
LM 22 31-04-2014 04-04-2014 4D/4N Similan/Richelieu Rock
LM 23 07-04-2014 11-04-2014 4D/4N Similan/Richelieu Rock
LM 24 14-04-2014 18-04-2014 4D/4N Similan/Richelieu Rock
LM 25 21-04-2014 25-04-2014 4D/4N Similan/Richelieu Rock
LM 26 28-04-2014 02-05-2014 4D/4N Similan/Richelieu Rock
Le Mahe Liveaboard reserves the right to adjust its price due to currency fluctuations and change its scheduling with unsafe weather

(Effective from 1st Jnauary 2013
The general conditions of sale are detailed below, indicated in the " General Conditions ", govern the contractual relations entered by " The customer " and Le Mahé Co Ltd, company of Thai law.
Do not forget to provide a return number including the country and area code or e-mail address. You will receive a response within 24 hours.
A booking is not confirmed until The Customer receives written confirmation from Le Mahé Co., Ltd. The Customer will receive the invoice and the confirmation of reservation by fax or e-mail.
Within ten (10) days after the booking is confirmed The Customer must return the 'Booking Form' completed by the passenger/s. When booking groups on a cruise, indicate names of couples and singles for correct cabin allocation.
Deposit: 30 % after receiving the deposit we will send you the final booking confirmation.
Final payment: 70 % - 30 days prior departure.
More than 60 days prior departure:       deposit will be returned (minus bank fee).
59 to 31 days prior departure:                deposit will not be returned.
Less than 30 days prior departure:       full price will be charged.
If the balance is not received in time, Le Mahé Co. Ltd retains the right to resell the booked places.
We strongly recommend that each guest purchases his own comprehensive scuba dive, accident, medical, baggage and trip cancellation/interruption insurance. Le Mahe Co.,Ltd is not held responsible for diving accidents or other accidents which can occurred during the diving trip. Customers recognize they should dive in their training limits and experience following the instructions given by the dive crew.
We highly recommend to make a contract with a personnal scuba diving insurance, such as Divers Alert Network or Baldaveda diving Insurance.
Please be advised that if guest chooses NOT to purchase a trip insurance, we will not be responsible for any financial disappointment caused by reasons beyond our control.
In the event that it will be necessary for Le Mahé Co. Ltd. to interrupt the tour due to weather or engine problems there will be no refund.
This present contract is submitted to Thai law.
In accordance to the Thai law, Le Mahe Co.,Ltd hold a  TAT (Tourism Authority Of Thailand) licence, organization dependant of the ministere of the Thai tourism. This license covers financially in case of dispute every person making commercial act in touch with the tourism.
For any information, please get in touch with the TAT

Le Mahe Liveaboards
Highly recommends comprehensive travel /
Diving insurance prior to your departure.
Please click on the respective logo for more information.

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